Transcriptions of the Edshult ministerial books (Church records)

Over the past year I have tranfered the content of the Edshult church books into MS Excel.
I have now finally repacked this into html tables for web publishing.
At the time I have finished the marriage record (vigselbok), the death/burial record (dödboken), and the birth record (födelseboken) until 1870. I will make more material available as it is finished. This may take some time as I try to be careful and identify each person as I write the data down. I also note the godparents for each child, which makes the transfer of the birth record more time consuming, but hopefully will pay off in the long run, by making indentification easier.
It is a pity that so many records in Edshult are missing in the timespan from 1710 to 1764. To span this time data from other records have to be used. This include the house examination records, mancount (mantal) and tax records etc.

Jump to the transcriptions for Bellö, Ingatorp, Hult, Hässleby, Höreda, Kråkshult or mixed records.

Birth records Marriage records Death records
Edshult fb 1669-1710 Edshult vb 1669-1720 Edshult db 1669-1710
Edshult fb 1764-1779 Edshult vb 1764-1799 Edshult db 1764-1799
Edshult fb 1780-1799 Edshult vb 1800-1824 Edshult db 1800-1824
Edshult fb 1800-1819 Edshult vb 1825-1844 Edshult db 1825-1844
Edshult fb 1820-1839 Edshult vb 1845-1860 Edshult db 1845-1860
Edshult fb 1840-1860 Edshult vb 1861-1870 Edshult fb 1861-1870
Edshult fb 1861-1870

If you (in tables) click on the buttons with the lable "Liten/Small text" and "Stor/Large text" you can change the presentation for your own taste i.e. good readability or a better overview (smaller text).

In some places I have added information I obtained from studying other documents and other pages. As these are my conclusions and not in the actual record, I originally made these notes for my own use. But, I still think it is useful to keep them, for the casual reader, instead of removing it. Therefore I have marked such parts with pink text that indicates that this info has to be used with care.

You can now search through my tables with transcriptions. Read more about the filter possibilities here.

I have also enabled an 'id-tag' on each row in the tables. It is then possible to make direct links to a row and instance in the table. A link like will take you straight to Peter Svallanders son Johannes, so that he will appear at the top of the page. The id-tag is the birthdate (or baptism if no birth date is given), marriage date or death date (burial date), in the form as shown in the example.

Futher reading:
Hans Högman has a list of translation for names of deceases and other genealogy words.

For more general information about Edshult return to my Edshult pages. free counters
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