Transcriptions of the Höreda ministerial books (Church records)

I have tranfered the content of the Höreda church books into MS Excel and repacked this into html tables for web publishing.
At the time I have finished the birth record from 1702-1810, the marriage record (vigselbok) from 1686-1811 and the death record from 1703-1829.

I will make more material available as it is finished. This may take some time as I try to be careful and identify each person as I write the data down.

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Birth records Marriage records Death records
Höreda fb 1702-1719 Höreda vb 1686-1712 Höreda db 1703-1718
Höreda fb 1720-1735 Höreda vb 1712-1735 Höreda db 1719-1735
Höreda fb 1736-1750 Höreda vb 1736-1762 Höreda db 1736-1746
Höreda fb 1750-1762 Höreda vb 1763-1811 Höreda db 1747-1762
Höreda fb 1763-1780 n/a Höreda db 1763-1773
Höreda fb 1780-1795 n/a Höreda db 1774-1789
Höreda fb 1796-1810 n/a Höreda db 1790-1799
n/a n/a Höreda db 1800-1810
n/a n/a Höreda db 1811-1829
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