Transcriptions of the Hult ministerial books (Church records)

The work with Hults records is ongoing. I upload new material continously.

Jump to the transcriptions for Edshult, Bellö, Ingatorp, Hässleby, Höreda, Kråkshult or mixed records.

Birth records Marriage records Death records
Hult fb 1669-1688 Hult vb 1670-1711 Hult db 1669-1699
Hult fb 1688-1698 Hult vb 1711-43,1761-62,1764 Hult db 1700-02,1731-37,1762-64
Hult fb 1714-1722 Hult vb 1765-1809 Hult db 1764-1789
Hult fb 1723-1730 Hult vb 1810-1846 Hult db 1790-1819
Hult fb 1731-1746 Hult db 1820-1846
Hult fb 1748-1756
Hult fb 1757-1764
Hult fb 1765-1776
Hult fb 1777-1792
Hult fb 1793-1807
Hult fb 1808-1822
Hult fb 1823-1833
Hult fb 1834-1842
Hult fb 1843-1846
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