Transcriptions of the Kråkshult ministerial books (Church records)

I have tranfered the content of the Kråkshult church books into MS Excel and repacked this into html tables for web publishing.
At the time I have finished the birth record from 1714-1786, the marriage record (vigselbok) from 1714-1800 and the death record from 1714-1792.

I will make more material available as it is finished. This may take some time as I try to be careful and identify each person as I write the data down.

Jump to the transcriptions for Edshult, Bellö, Ingatorp, Hult, Hässleby, Höreda or mixed records.

Kråkshult fb 1714-1735 Kråkshult vb 1714-1764 Kråkshult db 1714-1735
Kråkshult fb 1736-1759 Kråkshult vb 1765-1792 Kråkshult db 1736-1759
Kråkshult fb 1760-1775 Kråkshult vb 1793-1808... Kråkshult db 1760-1792
Kråkshult fb 1776-1786

If you (in tables) click on the buttons with the label "Liten/Small text" and "Stor/Large text" you can change the presentation for your own taste i.e. good readability or a better overview (smaller text).

The filter function makes is easier to search through my tables with transcriptions. Read more about the filter possibilities here.

In some places I have added information I obtained from studying other documents and other pages. As these are my conclusions and not in the actual record, I originally made these notes for my own use. But, I still think it is useful to keep them, for the casual reader, instead of removing it. Therefore I have marked such parts with pink text that indicates that this info has to be used with care. Recently I also added some data that is only visible if you hoover the mouse pointer over the text in the tables. This will only work if you use a tool that supports a mouse pointer (sorry tablet or mobile device users).

Futher reading:
Hans Högman has a list of translation for names of deceases and other genealogy words.

For more general information about Edshult return to my Edshult pages. free counters
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