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Here changes and additions to this Edshult site are listed.


2020-05-11 Moved to new host for webpage. Secure transfer https. Started to upload mixed marriage records  
2019-04-14 Transcriptions of Church records for Kråkshult started  
2018-05-10 New email address  
2018-02-18 Transcriptions of Church records for Höreda started  
2015-02-27 Transcriptions of Church records for Hässleby started, Mantal for Södra Vedbo 1767  
2012-05-11 Discussion Forum (not working! 2015)  
2011-10-25 Transcriptions of Church records for Hult parish started, Guestbook, Counter  
2010-12-01 Transcriptions of Church records for Edshult, Ingatorp and Bellö parishes  
2009-08-20 The Edshult page is up again on a new address  
2007-09 Improved map using Googlemaps which can be zoomed and dragged. Farm names with attached links are superimposed.  
18/12 2003 New url (because I had to give up my old internet address). New links to the picture archive on "Historiska Museet"  
4/14 2002 Lists of emigrants from Edshult, Höreda and Mellby parishes uploaded to a new site.  
12/02 2001 The page has moved to a swedish site (long gone)  
04/16 2000 Added the family stories from Näs.  
03/26 2000 The final chapter of Gustav Nilssons book, which describes Karl Lindkvists life is added.  
03/20 2000 A 'clickable' map of Edshult and its surroundings replaces the old simple map.  
03/15 2000 The Web pages about Edshult are made available on (long gone)  

/Karl-Henrik Rydén

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