Näs - The home of our family

Näs is a farm at the shore of the lake Solgen in Edshult parish, east of Eksjö in the north of Småland. To this farm Karl Henrik Pettersson and his family moved in 1869 from Torpa and Lommaryd thru Flisby and Eksjö.

Below I have tried to collect different stories and information about this branch of my family. Much of the information has been collected and written by Olof Danielsson.

1. The stories told by Ingrid Danielsson about Näs in the old times.

2. A list of all children in Näs and what happened to them (not available yet).

3. The stories about Ida and Ellen, their emigration to America and their visits to Sweden. (coming soon)

4. Map of Näs.

5. Pictures from Näs (coming).


Karl-Henrik Rydén
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