EMIGRATION from Edshult, Höreda and Mellby parishes in Jönköpings län, Småland, Sweden.

I have obtained a few very detailed records from Bo Björklund in Kista with data about emigrants from Edshult, Mellby and Höreda parishes in Jönköpings län, Småland, Sweden. Here they are available for you to read or download. The EMI-bas documants are rather large (about 300kB) and those with a slow connection must be patient.

Emigrants in
Immigrants in
Sw-Am church records
Death notes in
American newspapers
Excel sheets
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Edshult (F) Edshult (F) Edshult (F) Edshult (F)
Höreda (F) Höreda (F) Höreda (F) and Mellby (F) Höreda (F)
Mellby (F) Mellby (F) Mellby (F)

For the emigration from other parishes nearby (Bellö, Ingatorp etc) I refer to the data that Glenn W Gustafsson has collected.

More on the Edshult emigration is availabe on my Edshult pages.

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