The grey cottage laid at the upper rim of the "Höjanäsavången" (-the upper Höganäs meadow). Here lived "Agust in Höjanäs" and his "Fia". He was very good with his hands and a 'Jack of all trades'. "All you can say, I can do with my hands was his 'motto' about himself. - This could not be said about Fia, who was considersed "höfsi" - careless. The smith worked very quickly, but not always with great care. The iron bar, "fästmannen", in our open fireplace here in Uttern 3 (Olof's and Ingrid's home in Eksjö) is of his hand. It used to carry the giant brick chimney in the kitchen in Näs.

On the lower Höganäs meadow there was a barn with cow and pig. When the christmas pig was slaughtered, August ate the grease with a spoon had pains in the stomach every christmas. Soon enough after the holiday the poor, gray weekdays followed, until the next christmas pig was butchered. - When Fia arrived for a day of work at Näs and had been given her breakfast, she often complained about the weather. If it was overcast she said: - "I'm sure it will rain later on, better get home and do't tomorrow instead" (The food was half the pay).

August had urine infection and suffered badly. On a 'Spring visit" in Höganäs Nea (Linnea) heared him he wailed. When he died, at the start of the century, he was about 70 years of age - he died from urine infection.

After August Zackrisson, the Gustafsson family moved in. Gustavsson was a basketmaker. The children of both August and Gustafssons emigrated to Amerika as fast as they had the age.

Fia got old and had an 'undantag - exemption' on the small chamber in Höganäs. Tina, the tenth child, stayed (after a few years in Amerika) in her home country and helped her mother. She was a happy person, who seemed happy-go-lucky. When she heared the rumours, saying that she we expecting, she said: - "Dats the question to come, cause its a sack that can stretch". (And so it did.)

At Fia's funeral Sofia in Näs offered the entertainment (food). Naemi had sewn the bodydress out of old linen. - Around 1912 the Höganäs cottage was still around. The house was later moved to the left wing of Lower Tingstad, where it is still standing.


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