Grandmothers sisters, brothers and their families


When she told about her siblings it also was a part of the old stories with the telltale touch. The oldest of the sisters were Maj Stina, the youngest was Stava Lotta. Anna Karin and herself were born inbetween. Then there were three brothers Johan, Gustaf and August.

Mor o Björkenäs och Maj-Stina

Maj Stina obtained Vittaryd, Vittaryds northfarm in Lommaryds parish, by marriage. Sven or "Svente" was very handsome and was considered rich.

Their daughter Kristina or "Kristin" married Frans Holmström. They started farming in Lundagård outside of Eksjö. Later they bought the beautiful farm Dunarp by Gränna. "Nämndemansgården - The Jurymans farm" is still in the family (Torsten Hagnell). They were kind and pious and often welcomed preachers.

The children in Dunarp were Signe och Frida. The beautiful Signe never was married. She died in 1968, then 90 years old. The other sister, Frida, married Fritjof Hagnell, at first a teacher not far from Dunarp, then, later, teacher and cantor in Fotskäl, Västergötland. - He was found dead besides the horsewagon on a dark night, he had just visited a close friend. At that time he was on duty in Järsnäs. Their youngest daughter Ines was not yet born. Frida was still young. She started a shop in Huskvarna. She sold handcraft- and manufactured goods. She died in 1970. The other children were Dagmar, Alice, Stina and Torsten. Torsten Hagnell was a cathedral organist in Lund (He was singing solo in TV on several occations i.e. the Christmas 1967) His wife comes from Germany and they have children.

Frida Holmström? Signe Holmström  

Alfred married Mari. He became a farmer in Vittaryd. Alfred and Mari had the children Edmund, Robert and Einar. Einar could, after a long wait, marry the woman of his heart. He inherited the farm, had no children, and died in 1967. Einars foster daughter and her husband are now cultivating the farm, which came to Sventes family in the early 1700-hunderds.

Robert, born in 1885, and married to Lydia Elander, bought Sänninge in Linderås in 1929, which he improved much. They had six children. One or two of them have houses at the Riviera (the french mediterranean coast). They were fighting over the inheritance. Their son Henrik now owns Sänninge.

Stava Lotta married Åström in Boarp, Vireda. The marriage was in Näs, where Stava Lotta was Sophias helper. Stava Lotta must have been the youngest of the sisters. Their son Albert, a bit spoilt, was about 10 years old when his mother died. He married the beautiful Ingegerd, the daughter of the train station inspector. She died young. They had children. He was a trader in wood. He re-married a nurce and lives in Hälsingborg. She is still alive (in 1973), but is again widower. Alberts son Sven is married to Inez and (probably) has the farm now (1973).
Anna -Karin

Anna Karin married Alexander "Alek", who inherited the farm in Ralingsås. When Alek one coplained about the rain, Anna Karin said quietly: Let it rain Alek, it is the rain of God. Their children were Elin and Ernst. Elin and her husband inherited the farm. Their daughter Gunhild is married to a man from the Eckerberg family, a nephew to Einar Eckerberg in Sundhult. They now have the old family farm in Ralingsås. (In grandmothers family there is also an Eckerberg). Ernst Alexanderson in Sundby married to Amanda have son sonen Herbert (with the surname Göransson). He now owns Sundby. His only child, the daughter Valborg, died in 1970. Sophia in Näs said: -The farm was called Svinshöla (or Svinshulan which means 'the Pigs den'), but it sounded so foul, so they changed the name to Sundby.

Sophias brother Johan was already as a child very precocious and slayed flies like a butcher. As a boy he drove cattle to Stockholm. Such a 'cowboy' had to return home however he could or wanted. - Johan served as a farmhand by 'Mor i Björkanäs' and gave the small, vivid and 'rolling' matron the suitable nickname "Lilla Hjulet - the small wheel". He then ruled over one of the farms in Vittaryds village (possibly Skattegården). Elin was his daughter.
Gustav i Nedbyn


Gustaf was called "Gustav in Nedbyn", Frinnaryd. He was married to Karolina. Their son "Josef in Tranås", with the surname Gustafsson, was a teacher in handcraft. He was married to Mina from Kongseryd in Hults parish. Their daughters Nelly och Elsa had a hat shop in Tranås. Gustafs daughter Sophia was called "Sofi I Axeryd".
Göran-August i Kapela


Göran August was married with, the slightly distinguished, Maj Stina. Their children are Alfred and Ester Göransson. Alfred is död. Ester has lived in Kapela for many years, but she now lives in Huskvarna. She is over 90 years old. - Elisabeth and Ernst Johansson bought the farm in Kapela from Alfred and Ester. Kapela is now owned and farmed by Ingvar Samuelsson (dead 1971) and Märta. Märta still lives there (still true in 1999 -KHR).



"När mitt livsverk är ändat"...("When my quest in life is ended"...) was one of the songs that grandmother Sophia loved. - She was only sick a few days and diedvery quietly and calmly. It was on the eay after easter on April 12:th in 1925. It was a sunny and warm day. The funeral was on April 19, followed from Näs to the grave at Edshults churchyard by children and grandchildren as many as could be. It was on April 19 that she once had moved to Näs.

The tombstone has the writing:

C.H. Pettersson från Näs
* 1825 † 1893
hans maka Sophia
* 1839 † 1925
Upp. 12:11

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