The family in Ralingsås

Mother in Björkenäs and Maja-Stina
Aunt Ulla

Jöns Göransson was the brother of Göran Petter in Ralingsås. He was married to Maja Andersdotter, "Mor i Björkenäs - The mother of Björkenäs". The juryman in Stora Björkenäs knew his position. In 1811 the daughter Maja-Stina was born. The young godparents at the christening were uncle Göran Petter and aunt Ulrika (aunt Ulla). 19 year old Maja-Stina married Johan Bergman in Lilla Hultrum, which was a farm closeby. As a wedding gift she got 50 "lod" of embellish silver (1 lod = 13.28 grams). A close look at the ancestral ring shows that Ingrid was 'brylling' second cousin with her own mother Ida!



"Rasåsa" cottage on the old family farm in Ralingsås, where "aunt Ulla" lived. (Notice the very wide boards and the safe support to the gound).




Old road sign in Sjudemåla, now moved back to the farm entrance. The old farm sign shows an interesting detail. Considering the date, this stone may well have been made by Carl Henrik.



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