The wedding in Näs


The oldest son Karl inherited the farm. -- There was already a small affair going on between Karl and Ida Bergman in Söraby. They lived one each side of the Solgen lake and met every now and then, as during that Sunday-school party, when Idas ten year old sister Hilma "sat and dangled with her legs".
Karl Karlsson
Ida Bergman

Karl Edvin Karlsson and Ida Sofia Bergman got married on the 14 of June 1895. The Guests from Näs travelled over the lake, but the bridegroom went around the lake. The Marriage was in Mellby church. Dean Gustafsson was conducting the marriage. The bride wore a black wollen dress, had a long white veil, slöja, diadem a crown of myrtle, and a brides bouquet, which was not so common at that time. The flowers were from Dunarp. Does it need to be told that the bride was beautiful? The Wedding party following was in Söraby with many relatives and friends to each family. On the tables were cheesecakes and cakes with 12 eggs in great plenty. These were brought by the guests as 'renning' (gifts to enforce the party). Double-'renning' was common, that is both a cheesecake and a cake. It was a two day wedding. The second morning the newly married had to make the moring coffee for the guests that stayed over night. Some stayed as far away as in Norrgården on the other side of the church.

As a dowry "boställ" Ida was given a cow, a pig and a sheep. Then also homewoven bedclothes, covering and "dräll". Following the customs, the bride had sewn the bridegrooms shirt. - The chest of drawers was easy to move, but they had a hard time to row the cow over the lake. - As a wedding present they got, among other things, a large 3 legged cupper pot (which we now use for the wood.) There was no iron stove in Näs. It was not installed until after the farm shifted hands. - That stuff I never had, grandmother could sometimes say in contemplation, when she saw the new and modern iron stove and milk separator.

With the marriage between Karl and Ida a ancestral ring was formed. Father Karl sometimes told and explained, that the two family lines merged a few ganerations back.


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