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Eksjö museum

Historical links

  • The Edshult madonna (Piece of the month at Historiska museet)
  • The Edshult madonna (again)
  • Magnus Stibéus has written a book: Edshult - en medeltida sätesgård (Edshult the medeival mansion)
  • On the Wikipedia

  • Edshult church (in swedish)
  • Edshult parish (in swedish)
  • Lake Solgen (in swedish)
  • Lake Mycklaflon (in swedish)
  • Present day activities.

  • Churches in Eksjö kommun, including Edshult church
  • The anglers club in Eksjö has its seat in Åsa at lake Solgen
  • Mycklaflons Camping (their own)
  • Mycklaflons Camping (Eksjö pages)
  • Edhult in genealogical pages:

  • Discussions about Edshult on Rötter (genealogy)
  • The nobility family Key on Edshult (w. scottish roots)
  • Karl Johan Key on Edshult
  • Ulf Björkdals pages on Kianäs
  • Tilstam with roots in Norrsunda, Edshult
  • Per Frödholm's with ancestors in Bredagård (Zachrisson)

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